The Sound In Your Head

There are times when a song just gets under your skin. Causes a visceral change in brain chemistry. This may manifest as bobbing and weaving in time or a fixation and disinterest in the rest of the world.

Other than subtle cues an observer is largely unaware of the listeners state of mind. Truely a ‘you had to be there’ moment. And not just present; inside their skull. Given that impracticality and my rolling obsession with music I have two options; silence or to share or to share and to hope that some people capture something like what I felt. An understanding or accord is all I can hope for. Even disagreement would be better than apathy (as long as they were polite about it).

Many songs cause this reaction in me and they come and go. Maybe the reaction is forgotten, but this one will be documented. I can’t remember the last time a chorus made me want to immediately start singing along and move. (To be honest, it probably wasn’t that long ago, its just a hard thing to cling on to.)

This transcience makes me wonder whether I should have started a tumblog. Either way, today there are words and this is music.

‘We dance to free ourselves of the room’

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