The future is all around us. Its in the air; we live and breathe it. Each day it shifts in and out of focus. There are brief moments that I feel I know what I am doing. There are others I am lost.

There are times I feel I’m heading in a direction I want. There are other I feel myself drift away. Day by day I strive to head only where I want. Sometime I make progress.

There is a sea of distraction within an ocean of possibility. I can create and I can consume. There will always be something new.

There are options. Most boundaries are illusory. The path is just poorly lit. There is drive and there is ambition, but without bounds focus is sorely lacked.

Another day brings another distraction. Always on the move. I make what I can of this world. I take what I am given and return what I can.

I am callous and confused, but I strive.

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