Lydia Lunch and The Big Sexy Noise Live 1st July 2012

At the O2 Acadamy Islington

Das Flüff

Das Flüff are a dark, sexy synth rock act. Fronted by Dawn Lintern with an image like an intense Alison Goldfrapp at a funeral. Seductive as if on a razors edge. The talented guitarist and keyboard player remaining in the background. The limelight focused solely on the voice harbinger of a darker time.

The Cesarians

The Cesarians were the band with the largest lineup of the night. And what an eclectic set of instruments and looks there were amongst them. The band consisted of a 1950s rhythm section of bass and drums. A gothic punk brass section  dressed in black, a hipster violinist and a 1920s pianist. This energetic, instrument swapping enterage was fronted by a man channelling Brian Ferry mixed with Jarvis Cocker.

This large lineup allowed for some large dynamics within the band. From serene and singing to a level of aggression that its refreshing to see in a band without a guitarist, they had it all covered.

Lydia Lunch and The Big Sexy Noise

“We are The Big Sexy Noise and we sound like this”

You can’t get more direct than that for an opening. Brash but understated guitarist and a good drummer joined Lydia. They have lost their keyboard/saxafonist since their last tour, but it didn’t really need it. If anything it added to the low-hi filth that accompanies their songs.

Sexy and to the point. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll about sums up the band. The gig had been delayed twice, but it was worth the wait. The rendition of Your Love Don’t Pay My Rent was more direct and vitriolic than in the studio. She made a point of insulting all the men in the front rows. Maybe this is why she doesn’t have wider appeal? Regardless, the crowd loved it.


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