Cold In Berlin Live 7th September 2012

At The Garage

I discovered Cold In Berlin supporting She Wants Revenge a couple of months ago. Unfortunately I was late to the gig and only had a friends praise to go on. I looked them up and started listening to their first album incessantly. And having seeing them headline their album launch was a treat.

I’d not been the Garage in ages, and never upstairs. Its a typical dingy room, but it was loud. Too loud really. All of the support bands had their moments, but the nuance was lost in the din. I came away with the impression that Terminal Gods should only have one guitarist, but that was down to poor mixing.
They definitely had their moments and held the stage. Not just the front man; as a band. Each of them had personality. Not too sure about them in the studio. Drum machine aside, they didn’t come across nearly as retro in the flesh.
I’d had the chance to listen to And Yet a couple of times, but it hadn’t grabbed me as much as the first album.  The lyrics are powerful, intimate and scathing. The songs are good, but the production lacks feels a little flat. Live, however, they were enthralling. My, the front-woman, has a strong stage presence,  spoiled only by her seeming too pleased to be there. (But only slightly.)
What the album lacks, their performance had in spades: dynamics. They played the entire album. She Takes Control made a surprisingly good ender. They played Total Fear and God I Love You for an encore. Short and sweet. I would have liked more of the first album, but it was a really good show.

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