Angelspit live 15th September 2012

At Elecrotwekz/Slimelight

Angelspit are a fairly unique electro-industrial band from Australia. They have four albums to their name, have recently expanded from a two piece to a four piece and I was glad to get to see them on their Wall Street Massacre tour.


Slimelight is the longest running goth/alt club in London. Like most gigs hosted there it leads into the club night after. Unlike previous times I’ve been doors were at 7pm. It was strange getting ready and heading to that venue while it was still light out.

Second on the bill were Uberbyte. They were showcasing the material for their second album. They have a straight up dance approach to their industrial music. I’d heard of the band before, but never really gave them much of a listen. They put on a good show and got the crowd going, but they’re the kind of band I wouldn’t listen to out of a club context.

Angelspit were really good. I saw them the last time they played London and it didn’t quite gel. They were ok, but this time they were excellent. Perhaps they weren’t comfortable with playing as a four piece on such a small stage, perhaps it was an attack of the foreign germs, but whatever it was I know they had good material and gave them the benefit of the doubt. I am not disappointed.

The band have a distinctive two vocal style layered with effects. Coupled with their stage dynamic Zoog and Destroyx made a strong impression. Their set got off to a rocky start with some technical issues and a drum heavy mix, but these issues eased as the set continued and the band captivated.

Playing off album launch gave the band to explore their back catalogue more. Songs like Wolf were missing the last time I saw them, but this time shone as the front-person duo traded phrases and reeled us in with a divide and conquer tactics over the audience.


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