WN04 Wales

📍 A Point on the Timeline

Went cycling in Wales. We covered less distance in more time than originally planned. Turns out terrain makes a big difference! And the extra weight of a week’s supplies doesn’t help either.

I used all the gears. And, it turns out sometimes you have to pedal when going downhill, if it’s windy enough.

📯 From the World

Cathedrals are weird. Not because they’re old or the religious iconography, but because they accumulate stuff. Chester cathedral seemed particularly weird. I’m not even talking interment of someone who loves hunting, the bell from the fire department, or the Lego replica of the building. But does it need its own version of Monopoly? Or a nook dedicated to animal trafficking? And, what’s this!?

💎 Rethinking

Next time, pack fewer things!

🔥 Alchemy of Creation

I took a few pictures. Mostly, I walked, cycled and admired the scenary.

2 thoughts on “WN04 Wales”

  1. I think I see what you mean about Cathedrals and accumulating stuff, it sort of makes sense as they’re long term local institutions that don’t really go away so I think interesting local items sort of slowly funnel towards them.

    As for lego replicas it seems to be a thing that they’re doing now? While I was visiting Durham regularly I got to see their replica getting built over a few years and it was kind of impressive (https://www.durhamcathedral.co.uk/visit-us/lego-durham-cathedral)

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