WN11 Scale Summit

πŸ”₯ Alchemy of Creation

This has been a week of productive procrastination. Midweek, I wrote and recorded a lightning talk for Scale Summit. My NaNoWriMo word count suffered the couple days after that. I’ve also been researching a couple of utility purchases for the house. Now I need to commit to them and move on. If not writing, this time could have been well spent fleshing out my outline, or reading in adjacent areas. That’s my plan for the next week, as I move into a more uncertain section of the novel.

πŸ’Ž Rethinking

I’m sharing the ideas from Shape Up, that I discussed in WN08, with people at work, and we had a book club discussion. A couple members of the team were quite interested in exploring it further. I’m looking forward to having some follow-up conversations.

I was expecting much more resistance, since the process is so different to the SCRUM format we follow at the moment. It’s a good time for the discussion, as we’re in the middle of a year long re-platform and it’s highlighted different sticking points to the smaller projects we were doing before.

I’m up for going full Shape Up as an experiment, but that may come later. Now’s not the time to do something so disruptive to our process, with this being a high stakes project. So, we’re going to start with shaping. We’ve done a couple of projects this year that would fit into one or two six week cycles, but planning in two-week cycles has meant renegotiating our commitments more frequently than is needed. And, there’s a couple good candidates on the horizon.

πŸ“― From the World

It was Le Guess Who last weekend. What counts are a music festival in 2020 is a video livestream. They had planned to do a much smaller in person event alongside the stream, but that had to be cancelled. Watching a curated playlist of music, documentaries and films has been great. It’s not the same as an in person event, though. Liquid Sky and a Sun Ra documentary have been my highlights of the reel.

A lot of the documentaries were topical, filmed in the last six months. Support your artists. It’s an uncertain time out there.

πŸ“ A Point on the Timeline

Cyberpunk Red

We managed to sabotage our own meeting with the gang. Alex got high and started shooting at their truck. D311B0i started shooting at Alex as some sort of bluff. This wasn’t the plan. This was meant to be a simple drop, with some recon on the sly.

Somehow we all got out of there alive, and D311B0i has kept us on good terms with the gang. He really does have a way with words

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