WN18 Rest and Games

Having had a solid twelve days off has been really nice. I haven’t had the opportunity to chill and sleep in like that for a while. Spent plenty of time reading, playing games and catching up with people. As well as doing nothing in particular!

New Years Eve was spent playing games online with a few friends, and dropping in on a larger group on a different Discord server. It’s nice to have been able to do that. Not the same as doing it in person. At least I didn’t have to be split between two cities.

Back to work today, somewhat refreshed. Nights and mornings have slowly been getting later. So I’ve counter-acted that with a couple early mornings and a cup of coffee. We tidied up a bunch of loose ends before Christmas, which was nice. Time to get back on with the re-platform project.

I’ve signed up to Andrew Huang’s Monthly course, which I’ll report back on. I didn’t spend as much time as I thought I might making music over the break. But, knowing this was coming I spent a chunk of time rearranging the keyboard and music area upstairs. With luck, everything I need will be in arms reach and ready to go.


We’ve sunk hours into Quern (which is still on sale on Steam and GOG). It’s a first-person puzzle game in the tradition of Myst. The game takes place on a single world, and the areas are slowly revealed. There’s a good level of item reuse and holding items for a while. Some head-scratching for where to go next, but the puzzles do make sense. Overall, thumbs-up if you like that type of game.

There’s always the question of why the world-builders made their worlds like that. If you were living there, would you really hide doors behind a puzzle where you have to bounce a beam of light five times or counter-balance three sets of weights? Quern’s backstory has a nice solve for this, at least with my reading of it. The guiding narrator was just so damn bored. Quern is a world without time. One of the later puzzles is set up like a roulette wheel, because… what else are you going to do with infinite time? You have to entertain your guests.

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