Slowly pushing these later and later. I was blocking out time on Sundays to write the first Weeknotes ahead. I’ve since weaved some other creative projects into my week, and I’ve been spending that time on those projects. So, writing Weeknotes has fallen into the cracks.

I’m slowly growing a roster of things that I could write about. But not giving myself the space to fully explore those ideas. So, expect some shorter updates before longer ones.

📍Point on the timeline

  • Joined a Robert Anton Wilson book club recently. This week we had a discussion about how different our perspectives of a room is doing it over video chat. And, Oscar Wilde’s quote “All art is quite useless”. Great fun!
  • Making music without an artificial constraint! Yep. Also, updating software and moving things around.
  • I don’t usually watch office romances, but when I do they get weird! Behind Her Eyes is worth a watch. A bit far-fetched by the end, but the portrayal of the single-mother lead is great.
  • That “this changes everything” project in the middle of our replatforming looks likely. We’re looking at the risks and the impact on the project, but I’m actually glad for a hard deadline. We’re going to to be making some strategic trade-offs, instead of picking one story over another. I went back to the drawing board on this one. One carefully placed hack could turn the tension into synergy. We might be trading-off some finesse with the rollout, but we can hold ourselves to cleaning it up on the backend.

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