Bouncing Aux tracks in Logic Pro

Say you’ve got a few tracks grouped and bussed and you want to take a bounce to create a stem. The bounce in place feature is useful, but works track by track, and if freezing isn’t what you’re after. What if we want to bounce the whole drum group? How can we take the processed audio, effects and all, and bounce that to a stem?

Logic’s audio tracks hold the answer. You can set an audio tracks input to be any bus. By sending the tracks or groups to an unused bus we can capture the output by simply recording the output. Step by step:

1: Select the track or tracks to bounce

2: If the tracks are not already bussed together, pick an unused bus. Either change the outputs to the bus or add a send to the bus, setting it to line level.

Send to Bus

3: Create a new audio track. Change the input to your bus and record the section. The effects chain on the chosen bus will be skipped.

And all that’s left is to clean up your input tracks, if you want. Usually, the Bounce in Place is an easier solution (^b), but for those times where your setup up is a bit more complicated routing to an audio track may be just what you need.

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