Shrinking Plug-in Headers in Logic Pro X

I’ve been doing some producing on my laptop recently and here’s a useful tip I’ve found for saving space on those smaller screens. When you open a plug-in window in Logic Pro it wraps the GUI itself in a black window with some extra options on.

You could always enlarge a plug-in window (although I’m not sure why you would want to), but since Logic Pro X you can also shrink them. On the top right there’s drop-down list of sizes you can choose from. But did you know you can also hide the header itself?

With Header

To do this just click the black-on-black button. This will shrink the plug-in’s header bar. You can find the top of the header and click the boarder itself, but I find this temperamental. Pixels saved! The only thing I find myself missing from this view is the power button for A/Bing plugins.

No Header

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